December 7-9, 2018/ Workshop/ Hong Kong

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The Garden Gathering, Hong Kong

December 7-9, 2018- The Garden Gathering

The 4th Garden Gathering is set for the new moon, December 7-9 at Sai Yuen Farm. Journey back to the garden for an immersive 3-day weekend in natures surrounding with over 70 Wisdomshare Offerings to choose from. Dedicated women will be sharing their medicines and modalities of craft & creation, embodiment, earthen ways, plant medicine, sacred sound, sensuality, spirituality, womb wisdom, empowerment, kids culture, and a conscious kitchen.

The Garden Gathering is a labor of love, integrity, and authenticity. A community of inspirational, compassionate, and supportive women who have united with the common purpose of fostering conscious evolution and leading with gratitude and respect for our mother earth. They honor and call forth different ancestries, lineages, cultures, teachings, and practices, to share with one another, to learn and transform together, and most of all, to connect at a soul level.


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