May 27- June 2, 2019/ Workshop & Immersion/ London

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LONDON- triyoga

May 27- 31, 2019- Embodied Flow™ Immersion with Tara Judelle: The Five Principles

Embodied Flow™ is a continuum of movement and expression drawing from the discoveries of hatha, tantric and somatic movement systems to experience yoga as a living art form.

This immersion draws on meditation, contemplation, free movement, asana, partner work, experiential anatomy (initiating asana flows from different body systems: skeletal, organ, endocrine, muscular, developmental, nervous system), tantric philosophy, somatic psychology, and pranayama. 

Both philosophy and method, the Embodied Flow™ training and practice provide the technology and pathways to a deep sense of ease, strength, and connectivity in the human form, empowering practitioners to be their own greatest teacher. Our aim is to allow for greater agency, flexibility resilience and flow as facilitating awareness in their entire body-mind, to experience and remain connected to the unified field. 

The immersion is a five day comprehensive submersion into the world of Embodied Flow™, designed for those who want to segue from other systems of yoga into advanced training, for those practitioners and teachers that wish to enhance their knowledge and practice in the integration of mind-body-spirit, and those Embodied Flow™ practitioners that want to revisit the material in order to deepen their comprehension and refinement of the material. 

While immersions are considered an introduction, they also encapsulate an entire body of material in a five-day period to serve as a retreat, review or refresh into the world of sense, feeling, and action. The understanding and practice of the immersion experience continuously unfolds. The hope with an immersion is to serve as a touchstone for practitioners to meet the material again and again and to expand the conversation with new and ever-expanding group minds. 

The schedule presented is a general template and may change according to the intuition and instinct of Tara as well as the needs of the particular group. 

AM Asana Practice – Gravity and Space 
PM Afternoon Lab – Yielding, Cellular Breathing, and Skin 

AM Asana Practice – Yielding 
PM Afternoon Lab – Skeletal System, Axial- Appendicular, lower limbs 

AM Asana Practice – Axial/ Appendicular 
PM Afternoon Lab – Organ System discovery 

AM Asana Practice – Heart and Lungs 
PM Afternoon Lab – Endocrine system 

AM Asana Practice – Central Channel 
PM Afternoon Lab – Upper limbs, Moving through the various systems

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May 31- June 2, 2019: Spiralic Body: An Embodied Flow Weekend of Workshops

Our Body is a fluid body, both evolutionarily and embryologically. Made from fluid processes that specialize and create the unique architecture of what we become. To open into the fourth state or the transcendental state we can tune into the liquid sensibility of our body/mind in order to slip into the transmutability available from the potential space that lives there.

Classes will include lecture, asana, free movement and meditation.

Friday: Inner and Outer Ocean.
A calm, grounding liquid flow tapping into the sensation of the fluid inner
ocean; and it’s relationship to the viscosity of the fluid outer space. In the mental space of presence and permeability, we will work with the meeting of these two oceans, culminating in the boundary we call our skin. This class and all classes will involve a combination of asana, meditation, free movement. Class intensity will be presented in a structure tailored to the mind of the room.

Saturday morning: Bone Spirals.
The density of our bones can mislead the truth of their liquid past, and their organ like liquid intercommunication. In this class we will use asana and free movement to follow the spiralic constructs of the body. We will play with the magnetism and bouyance of joint space to both enhance help unlock forgotten pathways.

Saturday afternoon: Vortices.
A vortex in water creates a magnetic pull that organizes all the liquid structures around it into a synchronized…. Spiral. In our human body there are inherent drags… pulls that orchestrate the sensitive orchestra of our remarkable instrument. In this class we will play with several of these energetic pathways and combine them into flow sequences designed around planes of motion.

Sunday morning: Fascial Flow.
The liquid chi can run on many channels of our body – but the weft and weave
of our “neural Net” can be found perhaps most tangibly in the fascial streams. Here we will use the fascial lines to find our way into flow, as we trace the spirals and inner rivers into a full electrical network of chi to ride into flow, using asana and free movement.

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