November 9-10, 2019/ Workshop / Melbourne

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Gertrude Street Yoga, MELBOURNE

November 9-10, 2019- Embodied Flow Weekend Workshop

The Liquid Ocean // The Spiralic Body

Take a weekend Odyssey into the liquid essence of the fourth state with An Embodied FlowTM weekend workshop with Tara Judelle.

More than a workshop, this weekend is designed to bring practitioners into the play of polarity, viscosity, magnetism and flow in order to find agency within the body-mind.

Our Body is a fluid body, both evolutionarily and embryologically. Made from fluid processes that specialize and create the unique architecture of what we become. To open into the fourth state or the transcendental state we can tune into the liquid sensibility of our body/mind in order to slip into the transmutability available from the potential space that lives there.

This weekend is intended as a full advance into the self. Classes will include lecture, journaling, asana, free movement, and meditation.

Saturday morning: Inner and Outer Ocean.
A calm, grounding liquid flow tapping into the sensation of the fluid inner ocean; and its relationship to the viscosity of the fluid outer space. In the mental space of presence and permeability, we will work with the meeting of these two oceans, culminating in the boundary we call our skin. This class and all classes will involve a combination of asana, meditation, free movement. Class intensity will be presented in a structure tailored to the mind of the room.

Saturday afternoon: Bone Spirals.
The density of our bones can mislead the truth of their liquid past, and their organ like liquid intercommunication. In this class, we will use asana and free movement to follow the spiralic constructs of the body. We will play with the magnetism and bouyance of joint space to both enhance help unlock forgotten pathways.

Sunday morning: Vortices.
A vortex in water creates a magnetic pull that organizes all the liquid structures around it into a synchronized…. Spiral. In our human body there are inherent drags… pulls that orchestrate the sensitive orchestra of our remarkable instrument. In this class, we will play with several of these energetic pathways and combine them into flow sequences designed around planes of motion.

Sunday afternoon: Fascial Flow.
The liquid chi can run on many channels of our body – but the weft and weave of our “neural Net” can be found perhaps most tangibly in the fascial streams. Here we will use the fascial lines to find our way into flow, as we trace the spirals and inner rivers into a full electrical network of chi to ride into flow, using asana and free movement.