October 21, 2017/ Wanderlust Master Class

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Reciprocity Master Class with Tara Judelle
Wanderlust Yoga Studio
Hollywood, CA
October 21, 2017
3:00 pm

Embodied Flow is a continuum of movement and expression drawing from the discoveries of hatha, tantric and somatic movement systems to experience yoga as a living art form. Both philosophy and method, Embodied Flow training and practice—the living art of yoga—provide the technology and pathways to a deep sense of ease, strength and connectivity in the human form, empowering practitioners to be their own greatest teacher as they expand, integrate and facilitate awareness in their entire body-mind, to remember and experience the unified field.

Reciprocity- the bridge between our individual self and the interrelatedness to the outer environment. This class looks at creating the three-dimensional container of self in relationship to the environment around to find support within and without. This class will play through arm balances and backbends in flow creating a buoyancy and feedback that makes the inner and outer environment remain in constant knowing of one another.


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